MORTAL LOOM'S Single: Psycho-Passion     

MORTAL LOOM: Addicted To The Tragedy feat: Chris & Cosey  | One Sheet pdf
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MORTAL LOOM: Alchemy Through Dreams - USA  | One Sheet pd   |  Request HD Digital Files for $25

MORTAL LOOM: Alchemy Through Dreams - EU LD   | One Sheet pdf  

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This CD is a synthesis of electronic and acoustic landscapes pulsating with a mixture of tech-trance grooves, slight Latin and Arabic rhythms and holds a sophisticated tough beat that entices and guides the listener into a labyrinth of listening pleasure with a new found sonic palette. Featuring Chris & Cosey (Chris & Cosey, CTI, Throbbing Gristle, the founders of the Industrial/Trance music genres), ADDICTED TO THE TRAGEDY is an intoxicating 73-minute listening experience that will surpass your expectations. In a word, brilliant!

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This CD is a unique blend of Electronic, Trip Hop, Tribal rhythms and Gothic elements. The original mix version of this album has been on both radio and bestseller charts. This CD was developed over 10 years; this process included traveling around the world, listening to the environment, and sampling unusual organic sounds. Creating custom instrumentation is the root of Mortal Loom's style, resulting in this dreamy upbeat music that deserves repeated listening. listeners are guaranteed to hear sounds and mixing never presented anywhere before.

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The original mix version of this album has been on both radio and bestseller charts for three consecutive months. This limited edition copy of the European mix and features 2 previously unreleased tracks. The first track, "Dark Circus" is inspired by and recorded in homage of the diva of electronic music; Wendy Carlos. The second addition is an extended remix version of "Shadow Puppets".

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MORTAL LOOM: This Vastness         | One Sheet pdf     |  Request HD Digital Files for $25

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Five years in the making this new CD takes you on a journey that is quite different than previous ML CDs. There are many more lyrics that bring you into the music. The new style comes from other artist working with ML and creating a hot dynamic sound that wont let you out of its grip. This new CD will be release on iTunes only until the final CD is complete with DTS 5.1 surround sound double CD/DVD set that is available now! Cover songs of Peter Murphy, Soft Cell and Q Lazarus.  


Mortal Loom released their new CD “This Vastness” double CD
 Includes: a DTS 5.1 surround sound DVD and a 24bit HD CD. $15.95 + Shipping

In addition, Mortal Loom released a Mortal Loom 7 CD Box set called:
 Mortal Loom - Everything So Far.”  $28.95 + Shipping!

Includes: Both Alchemy Through Dreams, Addicted to the Tragedy, This Vastness 24bit HD and a DVD with DTS 5.1 Surround Sound. Plus a double CD set of remixes singles from the Vault of The Gate RMS. And Mortal Loom T-shirts, posters & stickers!

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Mortal Loom’s newer single "Psycho-Passion" is dedicated to the late Janet Leigh of the original movie Psycho. Available now exclusively in Apple iTunes, the new single is from their highly anticipated upcoming album " This Vastness."

Mortal Loom 3 CD Box Set for only $17.95
Includes: The New "Addicted To The Tragedy" and both "Alchemy Through Dreams" CDs, ML T-shirt, posters & stickers.


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